Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year - :)

Hail all! :D Merry Christmas!

oh, and happy new year :)
i have a lot to post about O_o lets see...

that was pretty epic :) got some awesome stuff and all, but it was great to go around and celebrate Christ's birth with everyone, like relatives and my online peeps XD

Alrighty. about 2 and a half weeks ago, (maybe more) i had a reeeally whacky dream O_o
anywho, i remembered said dream most vividly, and jotted it down on the way to school an hour later :) then i started to outline a story for it, which took a few days and about 14 pages (these are mini-notebook pages FYI :P) and now, i have started the rough draft.
its pretty crazy O_o
I'll tell you what its all about some other time ;)

New Year is fast approaching~!
28 minutes to go and counting :) My new years resolution? To write a book :D at least a full rough draft of a book :) maybe even edit it :P but hey, lets not get too far ahead of ourselves XD

2011 :) man, thats insane.
This year has been pretty good... AWESOME even. :D
cause i met The Elves :) some epic people, if i do say so myself :D

well, thats all for now...
Merry Christmas! XD

and Always Hope :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hello fellow Bloggers!

Life has been busy lately :) as i am sure most of you, if not all, know as well. with tribes, and nanowrimo going on.
Nanowrimo- my terrible attempt at nanowrimo amounted in 1.6k words :P terrible, ik. i hope to finish it once school is over - that is, once i get all those other projects finished... *muttermumblegrumble*
to any who care... its a medieval story about taking back a land that was first taken by a evil knight XD roughly


Tribes - AUGH! 6 days left O_o i hope you swiftstormers are working hard >:D bwahahhahaha..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Home - a poem

right. i need to post about my fail at nano, but before i do, here is a poem i had to do for school lol


Welcome to the place of hope.

A place full of light,

A place without darkness,

Without any evil.

A place full of warmth.

Welcome, to your home

This is your home,

Brimming with hope,

Giving you warmth.

Do not fear the Light,

Instead, fear the evil

That hides in the Dark

Don’t go into the darkness,

Come back to your home.

The outside is full of evil,

Without any hope,

Void of light,

Taking your warmth

Cling to your warmth,

For here comes the Dark,

Trying to invade the light,

Trying to destroy your home.

But have hope,

You can defeat this evil

Beware of the evil,

It is without any warmth.

A stealer of hope,

A lover of the dark

It will try to take your home.

But fight back with the light!

Stay in the light,

And you will defeat the evil

Protect your home,

For it is the source of warmth.

It keeps out the darkness

It restores your hope

The Light brings Warmth,

And Evil brings the Dark.

Protect your home, the giver of Hope.

to those who care, this is a sestina lol.  XD
what do you think?

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hail fellow elves! :D as many of you may know, this month is National Novel Writing Month! :D HUZZAH!
the month of great anticipation, much, much worry and stress, and the pulling of hair.
to those that are doing nanowrimo: what are you writing about? whats your wordcount? are you handwriting it? do tell! we are all eager to hear you :D

Always Hope!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Party that is not a Party! (part 2!)


so... after the booksigning was done, we went outside and hung around for a bit before everyone left :) i was FORCED to hold this duct tape thingy and face a fencing master.
*shakes head* why me?

GA can hit hard btw :P its a good idea to turn tail and run right away ahaha

after being humiliated, Whisper and her family met Anduril, GA, Cson, Millard, and me and my bro at Culvers! :D we had the most epic time sitting around and talking about the underground, all you elves, and the like. good times... hehehe

ah, how i miss you all so much! :)

after culvers, we got kicked out (not really) and went to the hotel that Mill and I were staying at :) (which WTB and CH were also staying at)
we played lots of cards, dragged out the laptops and started talking to people on the UG, and just talked a lot more.

ahhh, thanks Whisper, Hark, and The Golux for staying that late (and Sting ;) :D man, that was fun to play ninja! though Hark and the Golux could not stay tooo long...

and of course, Millard :D thanks for letting me bunk with you that night :) (and say hi to your dad and the family for me!)

Mill, his Dad, and I got up around 6:45 to eat :) then at 7:15 or so, we ran out and went around to the different hotels to see if anyone was awake and eating :D

we stopped byt hte hotel GA and Anduril were staying in, then we walked over to where Whisper and them were staying, hopeing we were not tooo late haha. (they had to leave early, you know >_> )

we walked in and HUZZAH! there they were :D (completely shocked, if i may add :P )

we said a quick goodbye to them and then went back to the Wingate (where GA and Anduril were staying, as well as my mother) and sat around for a while. finally, they came down and we got to sit around and watch everyone eat :)

then... twas time to go :)
we all packed up, bid each other farewell, and departed (took a while, let me tell you :P(not that i am complaining XD)

so yeah :) twas prolly much, much better than i described though.

farewell, and goodnight!

Always Hope!

The Party that is not a Party (part 1!)

Greetings fellow elves and peopleses! :D how is everyone doing? lol


i am gonna make everyone who was not there so sad that they weren't and everyone who was there sad they are not anymore!

SO! Twas Saturday when i met the first elf :) we met him at lunch even! :D
who? who you say? (who!who! (OO) )
Twas Millard! ^_^ he and his dad walked to Culvers (which was RIGHT next to their hotel) as i impatiantly bounced around outside. soon i saw a blue shirt waving at me from across the road! ^_^ so i waved back ehehhee
then the blue shirt crossed the road in a single bound, flying 50 feet into the air and...
so Millard crossed the street and we shook hands and greeted one another xD twas pretty intense really. ^_^

then we sat around for an hour or so and talked lol

then we went to Borders and sat in the cafe to wait around :) then i spotted Anduril come through the front door! so i shot out of my chair and ran over to say hi to him too XD
then.. then... *gasp* then a few minutes of talking and waiting :)

Then we saw WTB and CH outside! :O:O:O and then Jacob Parker and all them guys at the Party came too :D then we helped set up a bunch of chairs! and we sat and... and while i was setting up, i met Whisper! ^_^ we shook hands and introduced ourselves. then i went up and saty down, as it was starting!

well, you all can see at the recording lol

but AFTER! :D after we all got books signed and we talked. and talked and talked and talked and talked....  :D i spoke to everyone except Evergreena and Christian Miles hehe. though they were there! i jsut did not get to talk to them

man... everyone started pulling out notebooks and pens and had all the elves start signing their names down xD twas brilliant! get the names of everyone...

so yeah :) insanity XD

LOOOOOOTS more happened but... i think this blog post is long enough :P i will tell the tale of what happened later in my next blog post... which will be posted tonight ^_^

So! thanks everyone! :D :D

(to see other peoples blogposts about it... - Whispers Blog )
WTB's Blog
Christopher Hopper
The Underground
Always Hope!

Friday, October 8, 2010

randm stuff

alright.... i doubt i am going to do a review of DIOM or anything xD i am terrible at it heh.
but... has anyone heard of Remedy Drive?? :D they have done a few cool songs... like Daylight, All Along, and a few others.

i think they are awesome xD lol
well, i am seeing them in concert on Sunday!!
oh, and ever heard of sixteen cities? they are gonna be there too :D
if you have not heard of them, look up Sing Along :) i love that song.

drumroll please...
i hope to see most of you there... ^_^
here is a countdown counter! :D

that is all for now :)

Always Hope!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


a little update... (and a reminder to myself XD)

I may be taking up Fencing in the very near future :O it has piqued my interest, lol.  it was not as i imagined it would be when i went and watched.

also, soon, i shall put up a review of Raising Dragons and/or Starlighter :)

hope to get that done soon...

Always Hope!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Tonight, i was reminded why we went to war in the first place.
it was because we as a people, a nation, had to strike out at at the people responsible for the murdering of over 3,000 lives.
Of course, i am talking about the World Trade Center attack.

when i watch what happened that day on the history channel... it just makes me made. very, very mad.

now, there are many, many people who hate it that we are at war. but i bet that if you showed them what happened, reminded the of the pain and suffering that was caused, i think they will change their views quickly.

This is to all the soldiers who have and are risking their lives over seas. to the brave men and women who defend our country, on the inside, and out.
This is to those who fight evil and defend what is right.

Thank you.

Never Alone!
Endurance and Victory!
and Always Hope!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

a little catching up to do...

alright, i have not updated for a lonnnng time XD haha
what to post about??
1: Julnowrimo! Augnowrimo! too many wrimos!
yeah, for those not knowing what these are... they be July Novel Writing Month and August Novel writing month... there is one for each moth of the year, actually XD
you have to try to write a novel in the one month haha, the goal can be whatever you want :)
unless it is nano, then it is 50k (if you are over 13, that is. under 13, it can be whatever you want.)
i am gonna do at least 6 Wrimos in a row XD starting with Julnowrimo and ending in... Janowrimo? idk. i am just doing a bunch of em :P that way, i will finally get a bunch of drafts written instead of slacking all the time.


3. have i mentioned the fact that our church is looking for a new pastor? our old one left suddenly, went to North Carolina. now the long process of searching has begun...


5. as far as writing goes, its going.  (does not really want to talk about at all :P)

6.I HAVE- oh enough already.

not much has been happening :P lol ahaha y'all keep living your life and have fun! XD ^_^

Always Hope!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miracle Worker Award

alright people... i just made an award up haha.

This award goes to Millard. since he is just so epic. XD
that, and his ability to inspire and to encourage are unmatched. (at least, as far as i am concerned)
his compliments rock. if you got complimented by Millard, you sure remembered it for a while. 
he also gives epic advice! and he knows just the right thing to say when it needs to be said.
^_^  if you do not know what i am talking about... you must not have talked to mill haha
you rock man! keep up the epicness. shouldn't be too hard. ^_^

Silver Angel

Always Hope!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

That... was pretty insane

Alright, tomorrow is the last day of Summer School. its a phy ed class, so there is something major we have to do tomorrow right? like, run a mile or something?

pffft, nope. we are going bowling

instead, we did a Triathlon today :P we had to run 1 mile, bike 3 miles, and swim 12 laps (idk how long it is :P haha)

I was pretty psyched about it, ya know?
until I woke up the next morning and saw it pouring outside.

they told us to grab a partner and to head outside. one partner does the triathlon while you keep track of how many laps they do, etc. (they basically broke us into two groups)

while my partner (a good friend of mine) was running, it was not raining too hard. i actually liked it, until the temperature dipped slightly. (twas like, 60 degrees out :P) so we all started shivering a little.

well, after my partner finished running, he got to bike 3 miles in the rain as well. and after that, he got to swim 12 laps in the pool (i liked that part... the pool room is like, 80 degrees with 100% humidity :P lol)

then it was my turn.

and guess what? The heavens opened up wider and it started to rain much, much harder.

it was INSANE!

I got soaked, needles to say. it felt pretty much like I was underwater :P haha

it started to rain so bad by the time we finished the mile, that we had to skip the biking and head straight to swimming! but because we were not biking, we had to swim 24 laps instead....

yeah D:

well, i finished in 36:29... not bad, considering i am a terrible swimmer. hahaha

^_^ anyone else had to do something like that in the rain? (OO) do tell if ye had :o

Always Hope!

Monday, July 19, 2010

i was tagged (OO)

alright... i was tagged again it seems ^_ ^ yay!
Miss Dixon tagged me over at her blog :) hehe check it out!

totally epic :o :D

now... to answer these totally difficult and strange questions *chews nails*

If you could write one word, what would it be? 

Use one word to describe yourself. 

What is something random about you/your writing that you'd like to say right now? 

i think that i will totally not hit 30k words by the end of the month (OO)
Think up an absurd title for a book. 

The Dull Mystery of Knife Boy (idk :P)What is the strangest sentence you can think of? 

bark goes the river duck.
What do you write? 

all i have ever written is Christian fantasy and sci-fi-ish fictionish type stuff. yeah XD
If you had a weird disease and could only make one sound over and over, what would it be?


Here are the rules all ye tagged people must abide by:

1. Post about the award

2. Award 3 other people

3. Answer the tag

here be the three lucky peeps who got tagged ^_^
1) DJ

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

more random stuff

well! i just heard that The Underground has over 3,000 members.... that is totally epic :D (there is a way to get some points eh? ;)

*ahem* anyway! i just thought i would say thank you to everyone for following the blog :) epicness ^_^ thanks a bunch!

now, this week is VBS at my church... i am supposed to help direct games. i have a word of advise... never give 4th graders any leniency regarding water balloons. it hurts! i got pelted by them XD haha. no mercy tomorrow ;) lol
anyone here know what a Culvers is? XD

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tagged! :o yay ^_^

ok, i was tagged by Squeaks at
^_^ ok, lets do this XD haha. brilliant idea Squeaks :D

The Interrogation Tag Game

  1. What colour is your floor?
    blue! (carpeted with a blue wood beneath it)  (painted blue, that is)
  2. Look up. What's the first thing you see?
    the speaker to the computer :o 
  3. What is your favourite subject?
    hhhhmmm.... Science
  4. Where would you like to live? 
    where i is now :) Wisconsin. but, if i had to move, i would want to go to Oregon :O
  5. What is the wackiest hairdo you've ever given a character?
    hhhhhhmmmm... prolly spiked, blue hair XD idk. haha
  6. Can you remember the last thing your sibling told you?
    he yelled at me for dumping a bucket of water on him XD
  7. Describe the closest plant (or living green thing) to you.
    idk what it is called XD mom says its a sort of ivy thing though :o have to complete the chore adding the general idea of all those statements together to make some coherent conclusion (have fun!)

as i ran across my blue, blue floor, i noticed that the speaker to the computer was gone! so i came to the conclusion that my science teacher from Oregon had took it for his latest project. so i spiked my blue hair (i seem to love the color blue it seems) and went over to the teachers house.
opening the door, i accidentally knocked a bucket of water all over the floor. it spread far and wide, managing to water the poison ivy that my teacher grew. time to get a mop!

yes, that was terrible, but hey :P 

now.... to tag someone! <_< >_>

Millard :)

tehehe, have at it guys.

Always Hope!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random Stuff

ok, first i want to tell yall about a new song i found. well, my dad found lol. its called Sing Along by Sixteen Cities.
(i highly suggest ye listen to it ;) lol

what are you guyseses favorite songs? and what makes them your favorite? do they just have a certain tune that you immediately fall in love with? or do the lyrics reach out to you, grab you?
for the song listed above, its both for me really. its a praise song that we are going to play in church tomorrow, actually. lol

on another note, i read Venom and song! lol
if ye want a extremely detailed review about it, hit Keeneye's blog lol.
but if ye want my opinion... i thought it twas pretty good :) a awesome addition to the series ^_^

to those that have read it... what did ye think of it? sure there were a couple problems here and there... :)

man... we have been cleaning a lot these past few days XD and our place sure has needed it. (my brother makes SUCH a mess, and refuses to clean most of the time) :P
do yall like cleaning? or is it i drag most of the time? i myself, do not mind it. sometimes i even enjoy it lol


Always Hope!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The End

The End.

What makes an ending epic?

endings are times we always have mixed feelings about it seems, depending on what is ending.

in books, it depends on the story. how real did the characters seem? were they believable?
it also depends on what the characters did. did they have real lives that we can relate to? 

it depends on the story.

for telling how i feel about some endings, i am going to use a book series as an example. (some of you know of it, some of you may not)
a kids series called Animorphs
now, i am a bit hesitant to talk about this series cause i do not think it is Christian, and it is a kids series really :P i think... 

the series was written by K. A. Applegate. she started to write it in 1996 and finished it in 2001... there were over 60 books in the whole series when she was done.

if you are a fast reader, it would take you just under an hour to read one of the books...

so why am i talking about this series?

well, that is because of certain things that happened while i read it.
when i started reading it, i started on a special book, not part of the main series, so it did not make sense at first.
finally, i got 3/4 of the way through it, and then i am told i am not allowed to read the series anymore, right i was about to get to the last 10 books.
i was pretty much devastated  (understand i was 12 at the time :P)

then, a year later, i was finally allowed to read them again! YAY!
but by then, the library had sold off a bunch of the books, so there were big gaps... to this day, there are even less books sitting on the shelves...
there is a span of 3 years inside the books i believe... with the last book skipping a couple more ahead.
 so i read them out of order, and it turns out, that was ok, mostly.
except the books i read did not have many important developments in them... *ahem*

so then i had the library people order the books in and borrow them from another library.
and i finally finished..., and i was happy lol

i still have 1 more book i need to find yet though <_< >_>

anyway, the ending cuts off VERY suddenly, and i kinda got really mad at the author haha.

but i reread the ending again last night, and it inspired me. when i was younger, i did not look past my anger to see how awesome it was. one of the characters died in the end, and it was really sad... why? because of how the other characters reacted to it. when you realize that someone's life you have been following for a few years has died. 

What makes an ending epic?

when an adventure you have been on ends, you are never the same. adventures usually change you. and maybe you had fun on your adventure, and are sad it is now gone...
so. we look for a new adventure!
length and character development makes an ending SO much more better. the longer the story, the more sad and awesome the ending is.
at least, that is my opinion ;)

~Always Hope~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Oatmeal is awesome! it has been a while since i have had it though.... it is think and mushy and weird... and mostly tasty! i think.... it has been a while, hasn't it oatmeal?
the best type of oatmeal though.....IS OATMEAL COOKIES! a home run, if i ever  saw one  xD

*ahem* so eat oatmeal... it is good for you! i think..

Always Hope!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey all, i got interviewed by Brayden over at Write Big! head on over and check it out please XD (no, seriously, go there now :| )

if you would, please go to the interview Here, and check out all the other awesome stuff in the blog too :D

Now, off to school....

Always Hope!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The End of AWANA

though, that is both good and bad, depending on who you are, where you are in your books, and what you do during AWANA.

perhaps i should explain exactly what AWANA is!
Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed
or something like that :P  2 Timothy 2:15 be the verse to look up ;)
*ahem* anyway, tis a youth group that goes during the school year ever Wednesday. unless there is terrible weather or something. haha

now, the reason why i said it depends...
The Leaders
- the adults monitoring and helping out the kids as they go to AWANA. some leaders do Game Time, and pick the games ye do and direct them, etc.
Some leaders work with the kids during book time. depending on how old you are, you either do game time, then book time, or vice versa.
these leaders have the kids memorize and say their verses to them. then they sign off the section in the book and they either talk the rest of the time, or they do another section.

The LIT's
- an epic group if i do say so myself (mostly cause.. i am an LIT :P ) LIT stands for Leader In Training, you usually become a LIT when you hit Highschool... unless you are a bit behind or ahead in your books, depends.
What do the LIT's do? well... pretty easy to guess XD they help out the Leaders and watch them, following them around and such. i do not have to follow anyone around though...
since i generally dislike 5-6 graders *cough* i had hoped not to work with them... to me, they are WAY too loud and even more disrespectful... and yes, ik, i was once that way.. i think..
so i help out my mom, who is sorta the secretary... she uses a laptop to put what the kids do in their books into the computer. i just count and add up points mostly :) hehe

The Kids
- Where would AWANA be without the kids? just a bunch of leaders sitting around :P so, we gotta have kids.
LOTS of kids come to the AWANAs at my church... lots. and usually not a whole lot of leaders to "Monitor" them all

There are the cubbies- idk how old they are... i would guess kindergarten and younger. they get snacks! wait... we do too (OO)

then the Sparks- 1st-2rd grade i do believe, every year you have another book to do. though, they changed almost EVERYTHING so i have NO idea what goes on on there anymore. lol

The T+T- AUGH! RRRUUNNN!!! (jk) ok, T+T stands for.. .something xD Truth and training i think idk. they be the 3-6th graders. (just a heads up.. i have no idea if i am right about these grades or anything :P)
THEY are the loud ones... though, tis pretty fun to be a T+Ter, i am glad i am not anymore.

Trek- Jr. High! these guys have oddles more fun then anyone else in AWANA (in my opinion) they get to play basketball, watch some short funny videos, eat pizza... sometimes XD

LIT- Leaders in Training, these guys help the leaders and all that... and sometimes, we get to sit with each other and have a..a.. meeting (OO) we talk about deep subjects and such while eating root beer floats, or junk food. ha

so, depending on what you like to do, or how far you are in our book, you will either be happy or sad. i know most of the leaders are happy xD

HUZZAH! this next wednesday, we have the AWANA fair! tis where we get a bunch of old beat up games from the attic, along with a bouncy house! though...i may not get to go on ;(

especially since i will be working XD and putting people in the jail... muahahaha! beware my brothers! >:D
well, that is all, for now :P

~Always Hope~


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A picture of the inside back cover of my copy of starlighter :)

signed by Amos lead singer of Attaboy hehe

and yes... i am nuts :P LOL

Monday, April 12, 2010

Word Verification

ok people, i have been forced to add the word thingy for the comments..
my very first blog ever got spammed with bad comments and such, so i had to delete it. i hope it does not happen here.

so sorry for the inconvenience. :)

Always Hope!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

here be a few of my thoughts on the movie.

i really liked the movie :D the plot had some great twists in it (or at least, some that i did not expect). and the animation was pretty good ^_^

for beliefs and such, here is what i have to say...
they be vikings, so there are a few references to Thor and all those guys... just Thor mainly though :)

to yall that do not like all that kissing and stuff like that, don;t worry about it. well, until you hit the end :P

The movie was cute, Toothless was cute AND epic, :D a definite win in my book.

all in all, i give the movie 4.5 stars :D (the 5 stars be reserved for Lord of the Rings and those type of movies... lol)
i hope i have helped a little at least *salutes*
Always Hope!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


i have no idea if i be doing this right... lol :D
(wonders if it can be any book)
i was tagged at Storyteller: A Writer's Journey. ze rule of the tag is to list 8 books you would like to live in for a week, then tag 8 people. ^_^ here goes nothing...

Book 1: The Bones of Makaidos (Bryan Davis) gosh, i would love to fight alongside all those guys *laughs* and then... then comes the end... *clamps hand over mouth*

Book 2: The Final Storm (Wayne Thomas Batson) another great book :D i would LOVE to have some of that epic stew as well ;)

Book 3: The Angel Experiment (James Patterson) ah yes, living the life as part bird... flying through the air, beating up ugly wolf people, what could be better?

Book 4: Curse of the Spider King (Wayne Thomas Batson) AUUGHH!!! RUN AWAY FROM THE GIGANTIC SPIDERS!!! D: *runs*

Book 5: Starlighter (Bryan Davis) To the portal! slay the dragons! fight off the talking bears! WOOT!

Book 6: House (Ted Dekker) i would love to try to outwit the serial killer ^_^ and try to survive the first hour :P

Book 7: Arena (Karen Hancock (i think lol)) i have read this book at least 15 times :P never gets old. ^_^ 
i would love to evade the exploding rocks, and the man eating bee things... er, hhhmmm... O.o

Book 8: The Sword Bearer (John White) EXECUTE HIM! 

Now to tag eight people. I will comment on your blogs to let you know if you are tagged.

Blackberrymew,  The Ice Sword Chronicles

Kendra, ~Carpe Diem~

DJ, Hero's Chronicles

Keeneye, Whispered Roars

Eagles Wings, Eagle's Wings Eyrie

Millardthemk, Blender

Misty, Randomness! Amongst other stuff.

Betsy, Getting Loste

:D sorry all if you did not want me to tag you :O lol

ask, and it shall go away *bows*

Always Hope!


ahhh, Music... a very debatable subject for all, as everyone has different opinions, likes, preferences, etc.

take Millard and me for example... we be great friends, but we like different type of music.

I like some, if not most, skillet songs, a few by kutless, Attaboy (saw them in concert last night.) and other bands like them... lol too many to remember hehe.

Millard... to tell you the truth, i have no idea what his fav bands are :O i know David Crowder is one.. .and i cannot say i like them much lol.
whatever millard likes, i don't, and tis rare when we find a song we both like... :D

there be other people i know that have VERY similar tastes in music that i do... and that is great :D

what be your guys fav bands?

so much to post about... O.o

last night, Amos, the lead singer of Attaboy spoke to us about what Christianity is. and he made some good points!
the definition that an actual dictionary gives is "One who is a follower, or imitator of Jesus Christ."

i think it is pretty spot on.

but Amos had something to say about that...

"are we followers of Jesus? or followers of other Christians? do we imitate what they do? that would make us Christianians. in order to imitate Christ, we must read what he did, what he said. and then we can know how to imitate him."

awesome :D so awesome, tis why i be blogging about it lol

think he be right in saying that?

i brought starlighter to the concert... when i got there, all my friends were like, "Dude, you brought a book to a concert??"

yeah i did :P and it paid off.

we were in the gym of a high school, there were no chairs, so we had to sit on the floor. Red Umbrella just finished their songs, and i grabbed my book to read while everyone went out to halls and such to play some game and talk.

i was reading in front of the stage during a sort of intermission thing, and i look up as some of the band members from Attaboy pass by to go on stage and set up. the lead singer, Amos, glanced down at me, saw that i was reading a book, and instantly stopped to talk to me.

he asked me what book it was, who wrote it, what Genre it was in, how long it was and how far in it i was...
turns out he loves to read as well, and he said he was going to check it out later :D
after a minute, he asked me my name and we shook hands.

so, next time you go to a Attaboy concert, bring a book xD lol
but don't read it while they are playing :P lol

OH! yall will not believe this but...
Red umbrella sang about apple pie!
APPLE PIE! XD i was like, shocked :D

after Attaboy played their last song (or so they said) the crowd, a bunch of teenagers, chanted "Dangerous! Dangerous! Dangerous!"
so they played Dangerous... and boy, am i glad they did :D HUZZAH

i love concerts... i got right up next to the stage once, and man, it was LOUD. not too loud though, i could handle it (for a while)
don;t yall love the thumping in your chest from the drums? gosh... :D it was great.

for one who's writing is inspired by music, i must say... concerts rock ;)

after everything was over, the bands went in the halls and got wacky pictures and signed autographs. hehe... i had a crazy idea then, what if i got Amus to sign the back cover of my book?

i asked my friends and they were all like, "Go for it! I will laugh myself to sleep if you do!"
so i did, when i asked Amos to, he said, "Dude, i would be honored!" and he did :D

now on the back, it has a "Rock on, Amos" on it... :D:D hehe

well, i am going to stop there... what do yall think?

Always Hope!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


hhhmmm... i have gotten in to a debate with a few atheists recently... 2 of them actually, 1 yesterday and 1 the day before.
the first one i talked to did not know much about what she believed... i think she was just a atheist cause the general idea sounded appealing to her. when i started giving her some evidence supporting my claim and such, she had nothing to say in return... *shrugs* idk

the second one i spoke to said he once believed in God, but he is now a Atheist... we had a pretty good debate, did not go anywhere, but it was pretty good... got a tad frustrating O.o

it was not good that i did not know a whole lot of stuff either... perhaps i should stop debating? or i should listen to my science class harder...

what do yall think? be there enough evidence to blow Evolution out of the water? lol...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


ok, here be a update... lool

1) i have been so swamped with school it is not even remotely funny :\

9 week exams are tomorrow... i have a lot of work i have to do to catch up too... ugh

Algebra and Grammar will be the toughest... cause they are sooo confusing *groans*

2) i have not been getting good sleep the past 3 nights

i think i am starting to copy BBM's sleeping habit but i don't stay up as late and i do not sleep till 1 in the afternoon LOL

i could not get to sleep till at least 1 in the morning... tis soda, i have not had any in like, forever, now, i am having a lot of it... caffeine (OO)

3) finished off a AWESOME trilogy recently... Kenneth Opal's trilogy about bats, Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing

these are some good books, though.. the end of the 3rd book is sad...

these be books about bats. now, when i first heard this, i thought they would be some scientific educational type books.

they weren't.

though, the bats have a pretty strange belief system in the books... there are some sacrifice type stuff in Sunwing, and in FireWing, some bats travel to the underworld

i thought they were good books, hehe, if you do not mind the odd beliefs, you may enjoy reading about Shade and all them as well.

4) in my writing world, not much is getting done... and i am sorry to those who expected me to get more written in Hope and post it soon... it is not going to happen :(

too much school and other activities have kept me from doing so... and i recently found another story i started a year or two ago, hand-wrote it at school during lunch one day and forgot about it.

well, i am going to rewrite it (tis only a page long) and put it on my story blog for those who want to read it... the title is Dragons Nest for now.

well, i could write about a lot more stuff, but this post is long enough already lol

Silver Angel
~Always Hope~

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tribe contest is over!

wow, what a contest! GOOD JOB ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!
Nightwing totally whooped us all XD hehe
check out the UG for the link to the final scores if ye have not already :P

a special congrats to EaglesWings! 119,500 points she accumulated... *claps* HUZZAH!!!

well, who likes the new background?? thanks Seth for showing me how to change it :D

check these places out yall!

~Always Hope~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When Zero Tolerance goes too far...

this is what Amaterasu posted on the DIOM forum...

(CNN) -- There was no profanity, no hate. Just the words, "I love my friends Abby and Faith. Lex was here 2/1/10 " scrawled on the classroom desk with a green marker.

Alexa Gonzalez, an outgoing 12-year-old who likes to dance and draw, expected a lecture or maybe detention for her doodles earlier this month. Instead, the principal of the Junior High School in Forest Hills, New York, called police, and the seventh-grader was taken across the street to the police precinct.

Alexa's hands were cuffed behind her back, and tears gushed as she was escorted from school in front of teachers and -- the worst audience of all for a preadolescent girl -- her classmates.

"They put the handcuffs on me, and I couldn't believe it," Alexa recalled. "I didn't want them to see me being handcuffed, thinking I'm a bad person."

Alexa is no longer facing suspension, according a spokeswoman for the New York City Department of Education. Still, the case of the doodling preteen is raising concerns about the use of zero tolerance policies in schools.

Critics say schools and police have gone too far, overreacting and using well-intended rules for incidents involving nonviolent offenses such as drawing on desks, writing on other school property or talking back to teachers.

"We are arresting them at younger and younger ages [in cases] that used to be covered with a trip to the principal's office, not sending children to jail," said Emma Jordan-Simpson, executive director of the Children's Defense Fund, a national children's advocacy group.

There aren't any national studies documenting how often minors become involved with police for nonviolent crimes in schools. Tracking the incidents depends on how individual schools keep records. Much of the information remains private, since it involves juveniles.

But one thing is sure: Alexa's case isn't the first in the New York area. One of the first cases to gain national notoriety was that of Chelsea Fraser. In 2007, the 13-year-old wrote "Okay" on her desk, and police handcuffed and arrested her. She was one of several students arrested in the class that day; the others were accused of plastering the walls with stickers.

At schools across the country, police are being asked to step in. In November, a food fight at a middle school in Chicago, Illinois, resulted in the arrests of 25 children, some as young as 11, according to the Chicago Police Department.

The Strategy Center, a California-based civil rights group that tracks zero tolerance policies, found that at least 12,000 tickets were issued to tardy or truant students by Los Angeles Police Department and school security officers in 2008. The tickets tarnished students' records and brought them into the juvenile court system, with fines of up to $250 for repeat offenders.

The Strategy Center opposes the system. "The theory is that if we fine them, then they won't be late again," said Manuel Criollo, lead organizer of the "No to Pre-Prison" campaign at The Strategy Center. "But they just end up not going to school at all."

His group is trying to stop the LAPD and the school district from issuing the tickets. The Los Angeles School District says the policy is designed to reduce absenteeism.

And another California school -- Highland High School in Palmdale -- found that issuing tardiness tickets drastically cut the number of pupils being late for class and helped tone down disruptive behavior. The fifth ticket issued landed a student in juvenile traffic court.

In 1998, New York City took its zero tolerance policies to the next level, placing school security officers under the New York City Police Department. Today, there are nearly 5,000 employees in the NYPD School Safety Division. Most are not police officers, but that number exceeds the total police force in Washington, D.C.

In contrast, there are only about 3,000 counselors in New York City's public school system. Critics of zero tolerance policies say more attention should be paid to social work, counseling and therapy.

"Instead of a graduated discipline approach, we see ... expulsions at the drop of a hat," said Donna Lieberman, an attorney with the New York branch of the American Civil Liberties Union.

"If they have been suspended once, their likelihood of being pushed out of the school increases," she said. "They may end up in jail at some point in their life."

One of Lieberman's clients was in sixth grade when police arrested her in 2007 for doodling with her friend in class. The child, called M.M. in court filings to protect her identity, tried to get tissues to remove the marks, a complaint states.

Lieberman says police subjected M.M. to unlawful search and seizure. A class-action lawsuit, filed in January on behalf of five juveniles, is pending. It maintains that inadequately trained and poorly supervised police personnel are aggressive toward students when no criminal activity is taking place.

Several studies have confirmed that the time an expelled child spends away from school increases the chance that child will drop out and wind up in the criminal justice system, according to a January 2010 study from the Advancement Project, a legal action group.

Alexa Gonzalez missed three days of school because of her arrest. She spent those days throwing up, and it was a challenge to catch up on her homework when she returned to school, she said. Her mother says she had never been in trouble before the doodling incident.

New York attorney Joe Rosenthal, who is representing Alexa, plans to file a lawsuit accusing police and school officials of violating Alexa's constitutional rights. New York City Department of Education officials declined to comment specifically on any possible legal matters.

"Our mission is to make sure that public schools are a safe and supportive environment for all students," said Margie Feinberg, an education department spokeswoman.

Several media outlets have reported that school officials admitted the arrest was a "mistake," but when asked by CNN, Feinberg declined to comment specifically on the incident. She referred CNN to the NYPD.

The NYPD did not return CNN's repeated phone calls and e-mails. It is unknown whether charges will be pressed against Alexa.

Kenneth Trump, a security expert who founded the National School Safety and Security Services consulting firm, said focusing on security is essential to the safety of other students. He said zero tolerance policies can work if "common sense is applied."

Michael Soguero recalls being arrested himself in 2005 when, as principal at Bronx Guild School, he tried to stop an officer from handcuffing one of his students. A charge of assault against him was later dropped. He says police working in schools need specific training on how to work with children.

In Clayton County, Georgia, juvenile court judge Steven Teske is working to reshape zero tolerance policies in schools. He wants the courts to be a last resort. In 2003, he created a program in Clayton County's schools that distinguishes felonies from misdemeanors.

The result? The number of students detained by the school fell by 83 percent, his report found. The number of weapons detected on campus declined by 73 percent.

Last week, after hearing about 12-year-old Alexa's arrest in New York, he wasn't shocked.

"There is zero intelligence when you start applying zero tolerance across the board," he said. "Stupid and ridiculous things start happening."
tl;dr: Basically, some girl doodled on the desk and she was handcuffed and taken into custody. This isn't the first time this has happened; a girl was arrested for writing the words "Okay" on a desk, and 25 kids were arrested for throwing a food fight.

Granted, it was wrong for her to write on the desk, but being arrested? I think that's taking everything too far. A detention or something would've been good, but I think that putting her into custody is just too far."

i mean, how stupid can you get? (sorry public schools... it is just stupid)

post your comments! invite your friends!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The End of Basketball

haha, the title makes it seem like basketball is being eradicated from the world :P
fortunately, it is not. but The basketball season here where i live is. Besides a 5-7 grade tournament this weekend, and some practices in between, it is basically finished for the 8th graders and the rest.

Last night was the last game for my brother. he is 6 feet tall, awesome at driving the lane, shoots pretty well (does not miss much, if at all), and can reject people who are going up for lay-ups :P

the rest of the team is just as good, though my brother (Shadow) is their top scorer most of the time. the Point Guard, he has the most epic crossover ever (or so my coach tells us) and scores just as many points as Shadow. even though the PG is about 5' 7 LOL

and then there comes the shortest member of the team.. he is just under 5 feet... but he is FAST and will steal the ball from you without a moments hesitation.. hehe, they never suspect the shorter people :P
well, he only had 4 points, but he shot like, 5 3 pointers. missed them all, but just barely.

Well, their last game was last night, and it was PRETTY close. end of the third quarter - 25/25

well, the other team had a buzzer beater half court shot.. it got drained LOL
but since we were 5 points ahead... xD we WON!! HUZZAH!!
now, it does not matter that we beat these guys all three times we faced them. LOL they were good, and the game was close... :D the gym EXPLODED when the PG made that shot that won the game... lol

well, that is the end of this post... hehe, Always Hope!!
Silver Angel

Thursday, February 11, 2010

TSA: Night Blaze

to read The Silver Archives: Night Blaze. go yo the top of the page and look for TSA... then you can read it all that i have so far :D

hhhmmm... no school tomorrow! so i will be catching up on my HW and then writing all day long :D haha!!

Silver Angel
~Always Hope~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new blog

OK this blog will be here for a long time i hope... expect to check here regularly. :D

I will try to post reasonable questions xD LOL and once i get enough followers, i will start hosting some writing challenges of my own. :D (some will probably be on a VERY short notice)

please! tell all your friends about this place, and please, follow!