Saturday, July 2, 2011


my oh my, it has certainly been a while. i haven't been as vigilant as i want to be in blog posting :P sorry.

*rubs hands together* where to start?  i suppose i could tell you about writing. (you already know what it is :P (hopefully) but i just wanted to tell you about MY writing (this blog is mostly centered around me XP ))
*ahem* recently, i have started a new TSA draft. (the 7th rewrite? i lost count.) this time it WILL be finished. haha, so far, 6k+ words :) im happy with it so far lol.

Life has been good lol. not doing much (no summer school, thankfully) and my  days have been filled with facebook and books. (and the occasional video game :P )

speaking of which, i must return to the library....

*thinks* there is not much to tell, believe it or not.
i just have one question.

Who has ever heard/read the book Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes?
XD I just started it... lets see how it is.

Always Hope.

Friday, July 1, 2011

i was tagged! *GASP*

 Wow, its been FOREVER since I blogged. >_> forgive me.

I was tagged by GA at her blog, Here.
Right. i have to answer some questions here... *looks around* i think... i think... i missplaced them O_o
Ah! here they are >_> right. *ahem*

Are you hot/warm/cold right now? where are you at?
*thinks* well. my feet are cold :| and i am sitting in a chair in my home.

Upload a picture of the wallpaper you are using.
 Well. this is a tough one, actually. i have two screens, and two different wallpapers :P
i will post them both, though.

This is from facebook... someone i know posted it, and i loved it. so here it is, my background XD
the next one:
this is the one i am changing it to, actually. pretty, no? XD

When was the last time you ate chicken?
uhhh, a family reunion, if i remember correctly. it was good chicken.

What song or songs have you been listening to recently?
hmmmm... i have actually been listening to some Owl City. Deer in the Headlights has a good intro. also, Take to the Sky has been in my head for a while :P

Do you have any nicknames? if so, what are they?
well, i have a one that comes to mind. SA is the only one, really :P

Nooow i get to tag 5 peoples :D but my immediate choices were taken by GA, so... *thinks*

DJ from Notes of Music.

Misty: Misty's Mind.

Tricia at The Adventures of Us
(Misty is there too, so. Misty, ye have been doubly tagged >:D)

Anduril! ....he has no blog :O >_>

aaaand Squeaks :D The Minstrel Warrior

till tomorrow. (i hope to put up a non-tag-ish post then.)

Always Hope.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Creation Museum/Meeting

Hail all! remember how i said i was gonna blog about the Bryan Davis interview?
seems that never happened :P

sooo, i am gonna blog about this awesome guy and this awesome place and this awesome story i read instead! (due to requests, of course >_> LOL)

so, i am on vacation! *will save that for another blog post*
i am heading back home tomorrow, and today was the last day :)
well, i am about 15 minutes away from.... *dun dun dunnnnn!* Keeneye! *explosive applause*

well, Friday afternoon, i called him up and said. "Hello."
(very dramatic O_o)
we talked a bit about his address and then what we were going to do for supper. din-din. dinner!
soo, we went ot his house and picked him up, heading on over to Golden Corral XD
we had a blast that first meeting. (i think so at least :P)

i know what you are saying - Details man! what were you thinking? feeling? talking about? etc etc??
i am saving those for the next day ;)
we talked for a loong time and then we dropped him off, staying just long enough for him to pass on a *white* binder full of awesome reading material
(which i devoured)

it was awesome. amazing. at first, i paid some attention to detail (which was epic. so vivid! :D ) then i just let myself get drawn in and watched the story unfold in my mind.

such utter brilliance! it was amazing how wonderfully it was all crafter, woven together in a splendid tale.
(ok, im going to stop >_> i am running out of words :O )
it was epic :D

so the next day was Saturday! the day we went to the Creation Museum :O
so we went about 45 minutes early, getting planetarium tickets for everyone. (Keeneye was not there, as he was being dropped off at 10 AM)
then HE ARRIVED (after we waited a bit XD during our wait, we visited the Dragon Hall bookstore! very awesome place :D did not have a whole lot on dragons though :P)

*thinks* where to start... where to begin? we met Keeneye in the front lobby area and we proceeded to this little movie called Men in White. (very awesome :D)

then we walked through the museum, learning a bunch of stuff about Creation, noah, Adam and eve, the flood, etc. etc. :D it was pretty amazing.
especially with Keeneye standing with you the whole way :)

all in all, we had a blast. a big blast. Thursday people said that the world was gonna end cause there was too much awesomeness...
well, An earthquake hit Japan on Firday morning :(

next? we got this show tickets mixed up and had to transfer times and all and it was a gigantic mess.
so we ate food and talked for about 20 minutes about writing and stories ^_^

then we went to that show that was no longer mixed up and learned about gigantic starts and what our entire universe looked like (the parts we could see, at least) .

so yeah :O then we hit the bookstore again, and then we went to this awesome restaruant and had MORE pizza ;) lol

then... then we waited in the parking lot, talking about MORE writing stuffses and tribes and all that :D

now i am here... content? tired...
stuff xD its past midnight so :) perhaps i will edit this when i have time XD there is a lot i have to put in yet...
sorry to end it now! :O

~Always Hope!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wayne Thomas Batson Interview

Hey all! sorry this is a few days late :P i procrastinated! (don't you love doing that???)
*ahem* anyway, here is an interview i had with:
Fantasy Author Wayne Thomas Batson

(too dramatic? psh. i think its perfect. he is soo awesome, it NEEDS to be dramatic :| )

            SA: What was your first book published? 
       WTB: The Door Within in 2004

       SA:How long did it take to get it published? How does it feel? 
       WTB: Honestly it took about 10 years. Crazy, huh? But the first 8 years I had no idea what I was doing and tried to get published without an agent. {Sigh} Once I got an agent, it was really only about 2 years of sweat to get in print. And it
feels amazingly great--though, now that it's contracted writing, it does
feel like work sometimes. 

       SA: What are the benefits of getting a book published?  
       WTB: Money certainly isn't one of them. You'd be amazed how little the author makes for each book, but that may be changing as eBooks force publishers to change their business tactics. Mainly, the benefit is you get to share your stories with a much larger audience. And for creative types, that really matters.
             SA: Who (or what) inspired your writing career? 
        WTB: God first and foremost. The Lord crafted my life in such a perfect way to produce an author. But in the world, I'd have to credit my parents, J.R.R. Tolkien, and two teachers: Mrs. Mangum and Mr. Spero! 

        SA:Why do you like to write? 
        WTB:There's joy in creating. It's what I was made to do, so I feel fulfilled when I write. After all, I can create new people and places--whole new worlds, if I want--and invite others to read and enter in!

        SA:How does it feel to know that your books changed many lives? 
        WTB:It's a bit surreal to be honest. And, you know, sometimes, it's a HUGE relief. As a Christian and an author, I kind of hope my stories glorify God and please Him. Whenever I get an email from someone my stories have touched, I must
admit, it floors me and reassures me at the same instant.

This interview was done for a school assignment, but i asked if i could put it up here :)
Thanks to Mr. Batson, i got an A ^_^ hehe

That's it :) Next post will be a Interview with Bryan Davis!
And I must thank Mr. Batson for letting me interview him :) Thanks!!

Always Hope.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hail people who follow this blog!

Things that will be appearing on this blog in the near future:

  • An interview from Wayne Thomas Batson!
  • An Interview with Bryan Davis!
  • Some stuff that has been going on in my life! (boooorring)
  • and other stuff :)
what is this blog post about? that is a good question.

I put up a new poll on the side... took the old one down. When April comes around, I will put the favorite playlist at the bottom of the page. nothing too significant :P And you don't have to do it if you don't wish to.

Life has been busy, as i am sure many of you know! :) School has a way of getting in the way XD
but you should do it anyway :|

Music! i love music :D
Owl City put this up on his blog, check it out! its a great song :D hehe
so... that is all for tonight. later this week, one of the interviews SHOULD be up XD so stayed tuned :)

Always Hope!