Saturday, July 2, 2011


my oh my, it has certainly been a while. i haven't been as vigilant as i want to be in blog posting :P sorry.

*rubs hands together* where to start?  i suppose i could tell you about writing. (you already know what it is :P (hopefully) but i just wanted to tell you about MY writing (this blog is mostly centered around me XP ))
*ahem* recently, i have started a new TSA draft. (the 7th rewrite? i lost count.) this time it WILL be finished. haha, so far, 6k+ words :) im happy with it so far lol.

Life has been good lol. not doing much (no summer school, thankfully) and my  days have been filled with facebook and books. (and the occasional video game :P )

speaking of which, i must return to the library....

*thinks* there is not much to tell, believe it or not.
i just have one question.

Who has ever heard/read the book Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes?
XD I just started it... lets see how it is.

Always Hope.

Friday, July 1, 2011

i was tagged! *GASP*

 Wow, its been FOREVER since I blogged. >_> forgive me.

I was tagged by GA at her blog, Here.
Right. i have to answer some questions here... *looks around* i think... i think... i missplaced them O_o
Ah! here they are >_> right. *ahem*

Are you hot/warm/cold right now? where are you at?
*thinks* well. my feet are cold :| and i am sitting in a chair in my home.

Upload a picture of the wallpaper you are using.
 Well. this is a tough one, actually. i have two screens, and two different wallpapers :P
i will post them both, though.

This is from facebook... someone i know posted it, and i loved it. so here it is, my background XD
the next one:
this is the one i am changing it to, actually. pretty, no? XD

When was the last time you ate chicken?
uhhh, a family reunion, if i remember correctly. it was good chicken.

What song or songs have you been listening to recently?
hmmmm... i have actually been listening to some Owl City. Deer in the Headlights has a good intro. also, Take to the Sky has been in my head for a while :P

Do you have any nicknames? if so, what are they?
well, i have a one that comes to mind. SA is the only one, really :P

Nooow i get to tag 5 peoples :D but my immediate choices were taken by GA, so... *thinks*

DJ from Notes of Music.

Misty: Misty's Mind.

Tricia at The Adventures of Us
(Misty is there too, so. Misty, ye have been doubly tagged >:D)

Anduril! ....he has no blog :O >_>

aaaand Squeaks :D The Minstrel Warrior

till tomorrow. (i hope to put up a non-tag-ish post then.)

Always Hope.