About Me

well, this is a page about me ^_^ lol. obviously.

first off, my name is Tim (shhhh, its a secret) but y'all can call me SA or  whatever XD haha.
i live in central Wisconsin, (that is, the center of WI :P haha)
i hate swimming, cause i am, not good at it, i like running though... and i think summerschool is ok. as long as we do not do a whole lot of swimming...

um, i am writing a series with BBM (Anna for those on the UG who know her) and right now, it is in the rough draft/planning stage...
yeah, go here if you want to learn more about all that.... http://silverdaylight.formyjob.net/

i am in Tribe Silvertree! WHOOT! the leader, Keeneye, is a epic dude, with an epic blog!

my favorite series is Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, with TDW in 2nd/3rd. (maximum ride is somewhere in there)
i think snakes are awesome.
i hate roller coasters
like water parks
i love the woods and woody mountains ^_^
video games are alright... depends on the game
and i love the color silver! ^_^

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