Tuesday, March 30, 2010


ok, here be a update... lool

1) i have been so swamped with school it is not even remotely funny :\

9 week exams are tomorrow... i have a lot of work i have to do to catch up too... ugh

Algebra and Grammar will be the toughest... cause they are sooo confusing *groans*

2) i have not been getting good sleep the past 3 nights

i think i am starting to copy BBM's sleeping habit thingys...lol... but i don't stay up as late and i do not sleep till 1 in the afternoon LOL

i could not get to sleep till at least 1 in the morning... tis soda, i have not had any in like, forever, now, i am having a lot of it... caffeine (OO)

3) finished off a AWESOME trilogy recently... Kenneth Opal's trilogy about bats, Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing

these are some good books, though.. the end of the 3rd book is sad...

these be books about bats. now, when i first heard this, i thought they would be some scientific educational type books.

they weren't.

though, the bats have a pretty strange belief system in the books... there are some sacrifice type stuff in Sunwing, and in FireWing, some bats travel to the underworld

i thought they were good books, hehe, if you do not mind the odd beliefs, you may enjoy reading about Shade and all them as well.

4) in my writing world, not much is getting done... and i am sorry to those who expected me to get more written in Hope and post it soon... it is not going to happen :(

too much school and other activities have kept me from doing so... and i recently found another story i started a year or two ago, hand-wrote it at school during lunch one day and forgot about it.

well, i am going to rewrite it (tis only a page long) and put it on my story blog for those who want to read it... the title is Dragons Nest for now.

well, i could write about a lot more stuff, but this post is long enough already lol

Silver Angel
~Always Hope~

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tribe contest is over!

wow, what a contest! GOOD JOB ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!
Nightwing totally whooped us all XD hehe
check out the UG for the link to the final scores if ye have not already :P

a special congrats to EaglesWings! 119,500 points she accumulated... *claps* HUZZAH!!!

well, who likes the new background?? thanks Seth for showing me how to change it :D


check these places out yall!

~Always Hope~