Thursday, June 17, 2010

The End

The End.

What makes an ending epic?

endings are times we always have mixed feelings about it seems, depending on what is ending.

in books, it depends on the story. how real did the characters seem? were they believable?
it also depends on what the characters did. did they have real lives that we can relate to? 

it depends on the story.

for telling how i feel about some endings, i am going to use a book series as an example. (some of you know of it, some of you may not)
a kids series called Animorphs
now, i am a bit hesitant to talk about this series cause i do not think it is Christian, and it is a kids series really :P i think... 

the series was written by K. A. Applegate. she started to write it in 1996 and finished it in 2001... there were over 60 books in the whole series when she was done.

if you are a fast reader, it would take you just under an hour to read one of the books...

so why am i talking about this series?

well, that is because of certain things that happened while i read it.
when i started reading it, i started on a special book, not part of the main series, so it did not make sense at first.
finally, i got 3/4 of the way through it, and then i am told i am not allowed to read the series anymore, right i was about to get to the last 10 books.
i was pretty much devastated  (understand i was 12 at the time :P)

then, a year later, i was finally allowed to read them again! YAY!
but by then, the library had sold off a bunch of the books, so there were big gaps... to this day, there are even less books sitting on the shelves...
there is a span of 3 years inside the books i believe... with the last book skipping a couple more ahead.
 so i read them out of order, and it turns out, that was ok, mostly.
except the books i read did not have many important developments in them... *ahem*

so then i had the library people order the books in and borrow them from another library.
and i finally finished..., and i was happy lol

i still have 1 more book i need to find yet though <_< >_>

anyway, the ending cuts off VERY suddenly, and i kinda got really mad at the author haha.

but i reread the ending again last night, and it inspired me. when i was younger, i did not look past my anger to see how awesome it was. one of the characters died in the end, and it was really sad... why? because of how the other characters reacted to it. when you realize that someone's life you have been following for a few years has died. 

What makes an ending epic?

when an adventure you have been on ends, you are never the same. adventures usually change you. and maybe you had fun on your adventure, and are sad it is now gone...
so. we look for a new adventure!
length and character development makes an ending SO much more better. the longer the story, the more sad and awesome the ending is.
at least, that is my opinion ;)

~Always Hope~