Friday, July 1, 2011

i was tagged! *GASP*

 Wow, its been FOREVER since I blogged. >_> forgive me.

I was tagged by GA at her blog, Here.
Right. i have to answer some questions here... *looks around* i think... i think... i missplaced them O_o
Ah! here they are >_> right. *ahem*

Are you hot/warm/cold right now? where are you at?
*thinks* well. my feet are cold :| and i am sitting in a chair in my home.

Upload a picture of the wallpaper you are using.
 Well. this is a tough one, actually. i have two screens, and two different wallpapers :P
i will post them both, though.

This is from facebook... someone i know posted it, and i loved it. so here it is, my background XD
the next one:
this is the one i am changing it to, actually. pretty, no? XD

When was the last time you ate chicken?
uhhh, a family reunion, if i remember correctly. it was good chicken.

What song or songs have you been listening to recently?
hmmmm... i have actually been listening to some Owl City. Deer in the Headlights has a good intro. also, Take to the Sky has been in my head for a while :P

Do you have any nicknames? if so, what are they?
well, i have a one that comes to mind. SA is the only one, really :P

Nooow i get to tag 5 peoples :D but my immediate choices were taken by GA, so... *thinks*

DJ from Notes of Music.

Misty: Misty's Mind.

Tricia at The Adventures of Us
(Misty is there too, so. Misty, ye have been doubly tagged >:D)

Anduril! ....he has no blog :O >_>

aaaand Squeaks :D The Minstrel Warrior

till tomorrow. (i hope to put up a non-tag-ish post then.)

Always Hope.


Jessica said...

Yay your back!!!! I was wondering if you were still alive the other day! Nice to see you again. Fun tag.

Silver Angel said...

hehe, never left... just silent O_o at least, on here lol. aye! it was... interesting xD