Saturday, March 12, 2011

Creation Museum/Meeting

Hail all! remember how i said i was gonna blog about the Bryan Davis interview?
seems that never happened :P

sooo, i am gonna blog about this awesome guy and this awesome place and this awesome story i read instead! (due to requests, of course >_> LOL)

so, i am on vacation! *will save that for another blog post*
i am heading back home tomorrow, and today was the last day :)
well, i am about 15 minutes away from.... *dun dun dunnnnn!* Keeneye! *explosive applause*

well, Friday afternoon, i called him up and said. "Hello."
(very dramatic O_o)
we talked a bit about his address and then what we were going to do for supper. din-din. dinner!
soo, we went ot his house and picked him up, heading on over to Golden Corral XD
we had a blast that first meeting. (i think so at least :P)

i know what you are saying - Details man! what were you thinking? feeling? talking about? etc etc??
i am saving those for the next day ;)
we talked for a loong time and then we dropped him off, staying just long enough for him to pass on a *white* binder full of awesome reading material
(which i devoured)

it was awesome. amazing. at first, i paid some attention to detail (which was epic. so vivid! :D ) then i just let myself get drawn in and watched the story unfold in my mind.

such utter brilliance! it was amazing how wonderfully it was all crafter, woven together in a splendid tale.
(ok, im going to stop >_> i am running out of words :O )
it was epic :D

so the next day was Saturday! the day we went to the Creation Museum :O
so we went about 45 minutes early, getting planetarium tickets for everyone. (Keeneye was not there, as he was being dropped off at 10 AM)
then HE ARRIVED (after we waited a bit XD during our wait, we visited the Dragon Hall bookstore! very awesome place :D did not have a whole lot on dragons though :P)

*thinks* where to start... where to begin? we met Keeneye in the front lobby area and we proceeded to this little movie called Men in White. (very awesome :D)

then we walked through the museum, learning a bunch of stuff about Creation, noah, Adam and eve, the flood, etc. etc. :D it was pretty amazing.
especially with Keeneye standing with you the whole way :)

all in all, we had a blast. a big blast. Thursday people said that the world was gonna end cause there was too much awesomeness...
well, An earthquake hit Japan on Firday morning :(

next? we got this show tickets mixed up and had to transfer times and all and it was a gigantic mess.
so we ate food and talked for about 20 minutes about writing and stories ^_^

then we went to that show that was no longer mixed up and learned about gigantic starts and what our entire universe looked like (the parts we could see, at least) .

so yeah :O then we hit the bookstore again, and then we went to this awesome restaruant and had MORE pizza ;) lol

then... then we waited in the parking lot, talking about MORE writing stuffses and tribes and all that :D

now i am here... content? tired...
stuff xD its past midnight so :) perhaps i will edit this when i have time XD there is a lot i have to put in yet...
sorry to end it now! :O

~Always Hope!


Millardthemk said...


Nathan R. Petrie said...

LOL I'm laughing while reading this whole thing :)
Thanks for the high praise for the novella!

And was an absolute blast :D Glad I could go :)

whisper said...

YAY! :D Thanks for posting the details, SA! I read it with great relish. :)

SA + Keeneye = earthquake. It's as simple as that. :|


Anna said...

Awesomeness! XD
Sounds like ye both had loads of fun. ^_^

A.W. said...

Oh wow, Silver.
That was more interesting than a review at least. =P


Creative Artist said...

Random comment, SA... I tagged ye here:

You don't have to do it. :)


Manny said...

I tagged you SA. :)

-Manny (Vrenith and Jake's sister)