Thursday, July 22, 2010

That... was pretty insane

Alright, tomorrow is the last day of Summer School. its a phy ed class, so there is something major we have to do tomorrow right? like, run a mile or something?

pffft, nope. we are going bowling

instead, we did a Triathlon today :P we had to run 1 mile, bike 3 miles, and swim 12 laps (idk how long it is :P haha)

I was pretty psyched about it, ya know?
until I woke up the next morning and saw it pouring outside.

they told us to grab a partner and to head outside. one partner does the triathlon while you keep track of how many laps they do, etc. (they basically broke us into two groups)

while my partner (a good friend of mine) was running, it was not raining too hard. i actually liked it, until the temperature dipped slightly. (twas like, 60 degrees out :P) so we all started shivering a little.

well, after my partner finished running, he got to bike 3 miles in the rain as well. and after that, he got to swim 12 laps in the pool (i liked that part... the pool room is like, 80 degrees with 100% humidity :P lol)

then it was my turn.

and guess what? The heavens opened up wider and it started to rain much, much harder.

it was INSANE!

I got soaked, needles to say. it felt pretty much like I was underwater :P haha

it started to rain so bad by the time we finished the mile, that we had to skip the biking and head straight to swimming! but because we were not biking, we had to swim 24 laps instead....

yeah D:

well, i finished in 36:29... not bad, considering i am a terrible swimmer. hahaha

^_^ anyone else had to do something like that in the rain? (OO) do tell if ye had :o

Always Hope!


Jake said...

Oooh... Insanity. Interesting subject. *follows*

Goldarrow said...

Lol SA, hehe that isn't much to what I have done.

I have shot archery for 3 hours in the rain. On a dirt road that turned into a mud road with -a city name- river and -a city name- creek going down each side. It was always sprikling but most of the time it was down pouring. :)
And the rain was the edge of a tropical storm... Hehe and we had to stand in 6inch deep mud pools. Add fire ants, scorpions, and chiggers to the mix and I had a great time!

I really did, even though I let someone else use my umbrella. :) That is the quick version of the story... XD


Goldarrow said...

Oh, also have fun Bowling!!!!!!

Tricia said...

well, one time i had a swim meet in the pouring rain! it rocked!Swimming in the rain is the best! XD