Monday, July 12, 2010

Tagged! :o yay ^_^

ok, i was tagged by Squeaks at
^_^ ok, lets do this XD haha. brilliant idea Squeaks :D

The Interrogation Tag Game

  1. What colour is your floor?
    blue! (carpeted with a blue wood beneath it)  (painted blue, that is)
  2. Look up. What's the first thing you see?
    the speaker to the computer :o 
  3. What is your favourite subject?
    hhhhmmm.... Science
  4. Where would you like to live? 
    where i is now :) Wisconsin. but, if i had to move, i would want to go to Oregon :O
  5. What is the wackiest hairdo you've ever given a character?
    hhhhhhmmmm... prolly spiked, blue hair XD idk. haha
  6. Can you remember the last thing your sibling told you?
    he yelled at me for dumping a bucket of water on him XD
  7. Describe the closest plant (or living green thing) to you.
    idk what it is called XD mom says its a sort of ivy thing though :o have to complete the chore adding the general idea of all those statements together to make some coherent conclusion (have fun!)

as i ran across my blue, blue floor, i noticed that the speaker to the computer was gone! so i came to the conclusion that my science teacher from Oregon had took it for his latest project. so i spiked my blue hair (i seem to love the color blue it seems) and went over to the teachers house.
opening the door, i accidentally knocked a bucket of water all over the floor. it spread far and wide, managing to water the poison ivy that my teacher grew. time to get a mop!

yes, that was terrible, but hey :P 

now.... to tag someone! <_< >_>

Millard :)

tehehe, have at it guys.

Always Hope!


Chris said...

That wasn't terrible at all! I think it's funny. lol

Squeaks said...

Haha! That's a good one! I thought the poisonous ivy was going to eat the teacher...but then again, endings are usually always surprising :P Thanks for doing this! I'm surprised how far it's spread already lol!


Silver Angel said...

thanks :)

haha XD that is not a bad idea! hhhmmm...
oh? has it been spreading far and wide? :o

Eagles Wings said...


Squeaks said...

@Silver Angel, I'm not certain...I followed it for about (I guess you could say) 2 generations, but after that I got bored. I think it's spreading :P


Silver Angel said...

ah ok. :) that is good though! haha