Tuesday, July 13, 2010

more random stuff

well! i just heard that The Underground has over 3,000 members.... that is totally epic :D (there is a way to get some points eh? ;)

*ahem* anyway! i just thought i would say thank you to everyone for following the blog :) epicness ^_^ thanks a bunch!

now, this week is VBS at my church... i am supposed to help direct games. i have a word of advise... never give 4th graders any leniency regarding water balloons. it hurts! i got pelted by them XD haha. no mercy tomorrow ;) lol
anyone here know what a Culvers is? XD


Misty said...

*raises hand* Oh, oh! I know what I Culvers is! XD

Eagles Wings said...

Hmmmm sounds like... A fast food place?

Jake said...

Culvers! Home of the free ice cream with kid's meals! Home of good fries! Home of CULVERS ROOT BEER! Had to throw that one out there. XD

Culvers is good, though. Very good. I live within a couple miles of one. :D Yummy.

Silver Angel said...

WHOOOT! Jake hit it right on the money :D their ice cream IS THE BEST! ^_^