Sunday, April 4, 2010


hhhmmm... i have gotten in to a debate with a few atheists recently... 2 of them actually, 1 yesterday and 1 the day before.
the first one i talked to did not know much about what she believed... i think she was just a atheist cause the general idea sounded appealing to her. when i started giving her some evidence supporting my claim and such, she had nothing to say in return... *shrugs* idk

the second one i spoke to said he once believed in God, but he is now a Atheist... we had a pretty good debate, did not go anywhere, but it was pretty good... got a tad frustrating O.o

it was not good that i did not know a whole lot of stuff either... perhaps i should stop debating? or i should listen to my science class harder...

what do yall think? be there enough evidence to blow Evolution out of the water? lol...


Eagles Wings said...

aye, there is totally enough proof against any belief that does not have a creator. Just go with logic and ask how did the world start? Any (somewhat logical) person can realize that the world had to come from somewhere.....l

Storyteller said...

Greetings, Silver!

You've been tagged. Head over to my blog if you care to join in on the fun. :)

By the way, good post. I am glad you got to talk to those people. Don't be discouraged. Perhaps your words are the first step to them coming to Christ. Stand firm in the faith. People will notice.

Anonymous said...

SA, yes there is a ton of evidence against evolution. I'm doing "True U" right now. Well I'm really doing it twice, and a church near my house and at my church for Sunday school.
Anyways, there is a lot of info in those videos. It talks about science and DNA and how complexe the world is. And it has a ton of great info.
Also, there is the movie Expelled. that is a good movie.
And have you ever heard of Jonathan Park? It is a radio drama that talks about Creation vs. Evolution. Really good. My family has a lot of them. :)


Silver Angel said...

GA, we are doing True U at my church too! :O
and yes, i have heard of Jonathan Park... my brother has them, and i must confess, i do not care for some of them much XD haha