Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

here be a few of my thoughts on the movie.

i really liked the movie :D the plot had some great twists in it (or at least, some that i did not expect). and the animation was pretty good ^_^

for beliefs and such, here is what i have to say...
they be vikings, so there are a few references to Thor and all those guys... just Thor mainly though :)

to yall that do not like all that kissing and stuff like that, don;t worry about it. well, until you hit the end :P

The movie was cute, Toothless was cute AND epic, :D a definite win in my book.

all in all, i give the movie 4.5 stars :D (the 5 stars be reserved for Lord of the Rings and those type of movies... lol)
i hope i have helped a little at least *salutes*
Always Hope!