Monday, April 26, 2010

The End of AWANA

though, that is both good and bad, depending on who you are, where you are in your books, and what you do during AWANA.

perhaps i should explain exactly what AWANA is!
Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed
or something like that :P  2 Timothy 2:15 be the verse to look up ;)
*ahem* anyway, tis a youth group that goes during the school year ever Wednesday. unless there is terrible weather or something. haha

now, the reason why i said it depends...
The Leaders
- the adults monitoring and helping out the kids as they go to AWANA. some leaders do Game Time, and pick the games ye do and direct them, etc.
Some leaders work with the kids during book time. depending on how old you are, you either do game time, then book time, or vice versa.
these leaders have the kids memorize and say their verses to them. then they sign off the section in the book and they either talk the rest of the time, or they do another section.

The LIT's
- an epic group if i do say so myself (mostly cause.. i am an LIT :P ) LIT stands for Leader In Training, you usually become a LIT when you hit Highschool... unless you are a bit behind or ahead in your books, depends.
What do the LIT's do? well... pretty easy to guess XD they help out the Leaders and watch them, following them around and such. i do not have to follow anyone around though...
since i generally dislike 5-6 graders *cough* i had hoped not to work with them... to me, they are WAY too loud and even more disrespectful... and yes, ik, i was once that way.. i think..
so i help out my mom, who is sorta the secretary... she uses a laptop to put what the kids do in their books into the computer. i just count and add up points mostly :) hehe

The Kids
- Where would AWANA be without the kids? just a bunch of leaders sitting around :P so, we gotta have kids.
LOTS of kids come to the AWANAs at my church... lots. and usually not a whole lot of leaders to "Monitor" them all

There are the cubbies- idk how old they are... i would guess kindergarten and younger. they get snacks! wait... we do too (OO)

then the Sparks- 1st-2rd grade i do believe, every year you have another book to do. though, they changed almost EVERYTHING so i have NO idea what goes on on there anymore. lol

The T+T- AUGH! RRRUUNNN!!! (jk) ok, T+T stands for.. .something xD Truth and training i think idk. they be the 3-6th graders. (just a heads up.. i have no idea if i am right about these grades or anything :P)
THEY are the loud ones... though, tis pretty fun to be a T+Ter, i am glad i am not anymore.

Trek- Jr. High! these guys have oddles more fun then anyone else in AWANA (in my opinion) they get to play basketball, watch some short funny videos, eat pizza... sometimes XD

LIT- Leaders in Training, these guys help the leaders and all that... and sometimes, we get to sit with each other and have a..a.. meeting (OO) we talk about deep subjects and such while eating root beer floats, or junk food. ha

so, depending on what you like to do, or how far you are in our book, you will either be happy or sad. i know most of the leaders are happy xD

HUZZAH! this next wednesday, we have the AWANA fair! tis where we get a bunch of old beat up games from the attic, along with a bouncy house! though...i may not get to go on ;(

especially since i will be working XD and putting people in the jail... muahahaha! beware my brothers! >:D
well, that is all, for now :P

~Always Hope~


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Noah said...

My AWANA is going out soon too, though our church doesn't do very much teen curriculum. You are lucky that your AWANA can end with a bang, ours can't do too much.