Saturday, April 10, 2010


i have no idea if i be doing this right... lol :D
(wonders if it can be any book)
i was tagged at Storyteller: A Writer's Journey. ze rule of the tag is to list 8 books you would like to live in for a week, then tag 8 people. ^_^ here goes nothing...

Book 1: The Bones of Makaidos (Bryan Davis) gosh, i would love to fight alongside all those guys *laughs* and then... then comes the end... *clamps hand over mouth*

Book 2: The Final Storm (Wayne Thomas Batson) another great book :D i would LOVE to have some of that epic stew as well ;)

Book 3: The Angel Experiment (James Patterson) ah yes, living the life as part bird... flying through the air, beating up ugly wolf people, what could be better?

Book 4: Curse of the Spider King (Wayne Thomas Batson) AUUGHH!!! RUN AWAY FROM THE GIGANTIC SPIDERS!!! D: *runs*

Book 5: Starlighter (Bryan Davis) To the portal! slay the dragons! fight off the talking bears! WOOT!

Book 6: House (Ted Dekker) i would love to try to outwit the serial killer ^_^ and try to survive the first hour :P

Book 7: Arena (Karen Hancock (i think lol)) i have read this book at least 15 times :P never gets old. ^_^ 
i would love to evade the exploding rocks, and the man eating bee things... er, hhhmmm... O.o

Book 8: The Sword Bearer (John White) EXECUTE HIM! 

Now to tag eight people. I will comment on your blogs to let you know if you are tagged.

Blackberrymew,  The Ice Sword Chronicles

Kendra, ~Carpe Diem~

DJ, Hero's Chronicles

Keeneye, Whispered Roars

Eagles Wings, Eagle's Wings Eyrie

Millardthemk, Blender

Misty, Randomness! Amongst other stuff.

Betsy, Getting Loste

:D sorry all if you did not want me to tag you :O lol

ask, and it shall go away *bows*

Always Hope!


Kendra Logan said...

Wow, thanks so much for tagging me! This is a cool one. I agree about Angel Experiment. I wanna be part of the flock! :D


Silver Angel said...

*laughs* aye! i want wings lol
you are most welcome :)