Thursday, December 2, 2010

Home - a poem

right. i need to post about my fail at nano, but before i do, here is a poem i had to do for school lol


Welcome to the place of hope.

A place full of light,

A place without darkness,

Without any evil.

A place full of warmth.

Welcome, to your home

This is your home,

Brimming with hope,

Giving you warmth.

Do not fear the Light,

Instead, fear the evil

That hides in the Dark

Don’t go into the darkness,

Come back to your home.

The outside is full of evil,

Without any hope,

Void of light,

Taking your warmth

Cling to your warmth,

For here comes the Dark,

Trying to invade the light,

Trying to destroy your home.

But have hope,

You can defeat this evil

Beware of the evil,

It is without any warmth.

A stealer of hope,

A lover of the dark

It will try to take your home.

But fight back with the light!

Stay in the light,

And you will defeat the evil

Protect your home,

For it is the source of warmth.

It keeps out the darkness

It restores your hope

The Light brings Warmth,

And Evil brings the Dark.

Protect your home, the giver of Hope.

to those who care, this is a sestina lol.  XD
what do you think?


Jake said...

Excellent job SA.

whisper said...

*is strangely heartened and saddened by the poem* Heh, I suppose it's a successful poem, then, for it has aroused emotion in me... well-written, Silver Angel!