Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year - :)

Hail all! :D Merry Christmas!

oh, and happy new year :)
i have a lot to post about O_o lets see...

that was pretty epic :) got some awesome stuff and all, but it was great to go around and celebrate Christ's birth with everyone, like relatives and my online peeps XD

Alrighty. about 2 and a half weeks ago, (maybe more) i had a reeeally whacky dream O_o
anywho, i remembered said dream most vividly, and jotted it down on the way to school an hour later :) then i started to outline a story for it, which took a few days and about 14 pages (these are mini-notebook pages FYI :P) and now, i have started the rough draft.
its pretty crazy O_o
I'll tell you what its all about some other time ;)

New Year is fast approaching~!
28 minutes to go and counting :) My new years resolution? To write a book :D at least a full rough draft of a book :) maybe even edit it :P but hey, lets not get too far ahead of ourselves XD

2011 :) man, thats insane.
This year has been pretty good... AWESOME even. :D
cause i met The Elves :) some epic people, if i do say so myself :D

well, thats all for now...
Merry Christmas! XD

and Always Hope :)


Jake said...

Heh... :) I can see why it made your year...

Anonymous said...

*wants to hear the story that came from the awesome dream* I am extremely envious of people who get inspiration from dreams. When all you can remember about a single dream is a snapshot of a Japanese garden with Amish people walking around, you really don't have enough material for a story.

Hello, SA. Remember Kat? From AugNo? Well, I've been secretly stalking (OK, that was redundant) your blog for a while. Decided to come out in the open.

Happy New Years!

Silver Angel said...

*laughs* well, you never know. you might be able to get loads of story information from that... maybe XD

aye! i do :) greetings Kat! i have been meaning to go back there sometime and look around... but after Septno, i kinda lost hope in teh forums lol. and thanks (:

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Haha. I guess if I found a reason for Amish to be in Japan (or a Japanese garden in an Amish community, but the former sounds more epic) I would probably wind up with an interesting story. *tries to imagine* Who knows. I admit, if I really wanted to, I could research the Amish and figure out what they could possibly be doing in Japan. The difference between people like you and people like me is that people like you actually want to figure out the backstory - and do.

Yeah, AugNo and SeptNo died immediately after their months ended. But I've actually stopped doing the forums on WriMos. I felt like I was getting hit with to much ungodly stuff. :P So I've bounced off to this truly INCREDIBLE pair of Christian forums for fantasy and sci-fi run off of I think you'd love it, since you too are writing fantasy.