Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hello fellow Bloggers!

Life has been busy lately :) as i am sure most of you, if not all, know as well. with tribes, and nanowrimo going on.
Nanowrimo- my terrible attempt at nanowrimo amounted in 1.6k words :P terrible, ik. i hope to finish it once school is over - that is, once i get all those other projects finished... *muttermumblegrumble*
to any who care... its a medieval story about taking back a land that was first taken by a evil knight XD roughly


Tribes - AUGH! 6 days left O_o i hope you swiftstormers are working hard >:D bwahahhahaha..


Squeaks said...

Yahoo! Good on ya, SA! Glad to hear from you again! Get those points all wracked up...Swiftstorm is going to pound Silvertree this year :P I can just see it!


Jake said...

Bwahaha! SS is ready for anything ye can muster.,

Jessica said...

I vote Silvertree! The drama mounts :D Somebody better watch their back but who...?

Goldarrow said...

Woot Woot! Go Silvertree!

Must keep month closed for 6 more day and then how ever many it takes to have WTB announce the winner UGH!


The Director said...

SA-- your story sounds really rockin'. I wanna read it when you're done *cheesy hopeful grin and puppy eyes*

Silver Angel said...

ugh... SS won :P lol foo

The Director: thanks :) i doubt it will be finished or anything at all hahaha
started a different story XD