Monday, November 8, 2010


Hail fellow elves! :D as many of you may know, this month is National Novel Writing Month! :D HUZZAH!
the month of great anticipation, much, much worry and stress, and the pulling of hair.
to those that are doing nanowrimo: what are you writing about? whats your wordcount? are you handwriting it? do tell! we are all eager to hear you :D

Always Hope!


Jake said...

I am not handwriting. ACK! That would be a pain! Heh.

My word count is 13,500 approx. Twill grow larger in a bit. :) Tis a Christian Fantasy novel called the Book of Shaldu. More than that, I cannot say. :)

Kaleb said...

I am not handwriting it.
My word cout is 7000ish, and it's a near future WW3 novel entitled "The Price of Freedom."

Blah said...

I'm kinda doing both... handwrite during math class, then type it up at home.
It's a realistic novel called Lucky Red Envelopes, and my word count is somewhere around 13,000. What's yours about?