Monday, October 18, 2010

The Party that is not a Party! (part 2!)


so... after the booksigning was done, we went outside and hung around for a bit before everyone left :) i was FORCED to hold this duct tape thingy and face a fencing master.
*shakes head* why me?

GA can hit hard btw :P its a good idea to turn tail and run right away ahaha

after being humiliated, Whisper and her family met Anduril, GA, Cson, Millard, and me and my bro at Culvers! :D we had the most epic time sitting around and talking about the underground, all you elves, and the like. good times... hehehe

ah, how i miss you all so much! :)

after culvers, we got kicked out (not really) and went to the hotel that Mill and I were staying at :) (which WTB and CH were also staying at)
we played lots of cards, dragged out the laptops and started talking to people on the UG, and just talked a lot more.

ahhh, thanks Whisper, Hark, and The Golux for staying that late (and Sting ;) :D man, that was fun to play ninja! though Hark and the Golux could not stay tooo long...

and of course, Millard :D thanks for letting me bunk with you that night :) (and say hi to your dad and the family for me!)

Mill, his Dad, and I got up around 6:45 to eat :) then at 7:15 or so, we ran out and went around to the different hotels to see if anyone was awake and eating :D

we stopped byt hte hotel GA and Anduril were staying in, then we walked over to where Whisper and them were staying, hopeing we were not tooo late haha. (they had to leave early, you know >_> )

we walked in and HUZZAH! there they were :D (completely shocked, if i may add :P )

we said a quick goodbye to them and then went back to the Wingate (where GA and Anduril were staying, as well as my mother) and sat around for a while. finally, they came down and we got to sit around and watch everyone eat :)

then... twas time to go :)
we all packed up, bid each other farewell, and departed (took a while, let me tell you :P(not that i am complaining XD)

so yeah :) twas prolly much, much better than i described though.

farewell, and goodnight!

Always Hope!


Squeaks said...

That sounds like so much fun! *sits on rock and looks like timone and pumba when they're really sad* (you know when timone and pumba get sad...the tears literally fly XD )

Thanks so much for sharing this SA!! It makes those of us who couldn't make it feel at least a bit better :P


Goldarrow said...

~warning long comment~

SA, thanks!

*Sigh* t'was epic, you did a wonderful job shoving everything we did into two post. This way when I get old and start to forget stuff I can come here and remember the great times... Well said.
and you just started fencing, give it a little time and you could cream me. ;)

Twas fun fighting ye, Mill, Sting, Cson, Shadow, Ness, Al, I think that was everyone. :) sorry if I hit a little hard, I'm use to people wearing two layers of canvas to protect themselves.

The food was good two! The extra chicken strip was epic PIE! And the Ninja was cool even if I only won once... :)
And you coming to the hotel! That was an epic surprise! Here I am walking to breakfest when I see SA and I'm like "hey -SA's real name- why are you here? Oh ya your mom is staying here" and you replied "no Millard is here"
Me: "-Millard's real name- he is here!? Why is he here?" as I bee line it to the breakfast area. Lol tWas great of you guys!
I just wish others were there! WTB and CH were so friendly and funny. *heavy sigh* tWas the highlight of my year...

Once more great job wrapping all that happened into a couple post.

Jake said...

Wow...*is stunned and violently sad*

Culvers is my favorite. ;) My sister Vrenith and I are still talking about the party...though we only saw the short livestream section. :)

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thinks here too would be sweet ;)