Monday, October 18, 2010

The Party that is not a Party (part 1!)

Greetings fellow elves and peopleses! :D how is everyone doing? lol


i am gonna make everyone who was not there so sad that they weren't and everyone who was there sad they are not anymore!

SO! Twas Saturday when i met the first elf :) we met him at lunch even! :D
who? who you say? (who!who! (OO) )
Twas Millard! ^_^ he and his dad walked to Culvers (which was RIGHT next to their hotel) as i impatiantly bounced around outside. soon i saw a blue shirt waving at me from across the road! ^_^ so i waved back ehehhee
then the blue shirt crossed the road in a single bound, flying 50 feet into the air and...
so Millard crossed the street and we shook hands and greeted one another xD twas pretty intense really. ^_^

then we sat around for an hour or so and talked lol

then we went to Borders and sat in the cafe to wait around :) then i spotted Anduril come through the front door! so i shot out of my chair and ran over to say hi to him too XD
then.. then... *gasp* then a few minutes of talking and waiting :)

Then we saw WTB and CH outside! :O:O:O and then Jacob Parker and all them guys at the Party came too :D then we helped set up a bunch of chairs! and we sat and... and while i was setting up, i met Whisper! ^_^ we shook hands and introduced ourselves. then i went up and saty down, as it was starting!

well, you all can see at the recording lol

but AFTER! :D after we all got books signed and we talked. and talked and talked and talked and talked....  :D i spoke to everyone except Evergreena and Christian Miles hehe. though they were there! i jsut did not get to talk to them

man... everyone started pulling out notebooks and pens and had all the elves start signing their names down xD twas brilliant! get the names of everyone...

so yeah :) insanity XD

LOOOOOOTS more happened but... i think this blog post is long enough :P i will tell the tale of what happened later in my next blog post... which will be posted tonight ^_^

So! thanks everyone! :D :D

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Jake said...

Ack! I wish so much that I was there...:( It sounds amazing, though...

Silver Angel said...

twas very amazing jake... hopefully we can all come to the next one! :)

Goldarrow said...

HEY!!! you talk about meeting Anduril but what about me???

I didn't stalk you that day! ;) Don't I get mentioned? I went to the hotel to unpack the car and then went to Baorders!


Silver Angel said...

truth be told... i forgot what time you got there :P

and your right! you did not XD haha
i shall mention you a lot in the next post... hows that?

Squeaks said...

I'm with you Jake; it sounds like a ton of fun! Too bad they couldn't have one of those things in Canada XD I doubt I'll ever go to the States just to meet with WTB & CH crazy fans lolz :P I saw you guys on the video CH made (he put it up on the Underground). Twas awesome! Hehe, Goldarrow you're hilarious XD

Signed with lots of fluff,


Eagles Wings said...

You didnt talk about meeting me either!! :P :P :) EIL

Goldarrow said...

Sounds fine SA ;) I understand just had to give ye a hard time.

Thanks Squeaks for the complement!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

I'll read this again shortly ;) Just checking for pointsnow. Through some links in there and triple or more the score of this post! :D