Wednesday, September 22, 2010


a little update... (and a reminder to myself XD)

I may be taking up Fencing in the very near future :O it has piqued my interest, lol.  it was not as i imagined it would be when i went and watched.

also, soon, i shall put up a review of Raising Dragons and/or Starlighter :)

hope to get that done soon...

Always Hope!


Squeaks said...

I just finished reading your pages on "The Mark of the Dragon". That's sure a great story! How far have you gotten into it? (as in chapters or words)


Aidan Romero said...

Why is everyone taking up fencing but me?! And the character whose name I'm using is a fencer!

Silver Angel said...

thanks Squeaks :) and currently, it is 34 pages, 3 chapters, and 13,001 words long xD haha

Aidan: idk xD i thought the same until i decided i would try it... hehe. really? :o XD nice hahaha


Jessica said...

FENCING!!!! JEALOUS!!!! I want to fence doing it with your little sister in the living room with foam swords doesn't cut it.