Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The End of Basketball

haha, the title makes it seem like basketball is being eradicated from the world :P
fortunately, it is not. but The basketball season here where i live is. Besides a 5-7 grade tournament this weekend, and some practices in between, it is basically finished for the 8th graders and the rest.

Last night was the last game for my brother. he is 6 feet tall, awesome at driving the lane, shoots pretty well (does not miss much, if at all), and can reject people who are going up for lay-ups :P

the rest of the team is just as good, though my brother (Shadow) is their top scorer most of the time. the Point Guard, he has the most epic crossover ever (or so my coach tells us) and scores just as many points as Shadow. even though the PG is about 5' 7 LOL

and then there comes the shortest member of the team.. he is just under 5 feet... but he is FAST and will steal the ball from you without a moments hesitation.. hehe, they never suspect the shorter people :P
well, he only had 4 points, but he shot like, 5 3 pointers. missed them all, but just barely.

Well, their last game was last night, and it was PRETTY close. end of the third quarter - 25/25

well, the other team had a buzzer beater half court shot.. it got drained LOL
but since we were 5 points ahead... xD we WON!! HUZZAH!!
now, it does not matter that we beat these guys all three times we faced them. LOL they were good, and the game was close... :D the gym EXPLODED when the PG made that shot that won the game... lol

well, that is the end of this post... hehe, Always Hope!!
Silver Angel

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